kpis Story Telling, 15 Sep 2020

#KnowledgeParkians of Grade-4 reciting stories which is oldest form of teaching that define us, shape us, control us, and make us develop an understanding, respect and appreciation for other cultures, and can promote a positive attitude. #StoryTellingTime #Grade4 #KnowledgeParkians

KPIS celebrates Hindi Diwas, 14 Sep 2020

#KPIS celebrates #HindiDiwas to commemorate the adoption of Hindi in Devanagari script as one of the official language of India. #KPIS extends warm wishes of #HindiDiwas

Learning by Teaching @ KPIS, Sep 13, 2020

Here is one of our #KnowledgeParkians who is always enthusiastic to take up any task, let us hear it out from Syed Mujtaba Anas of Grade-10, virtually explaining about 'Structure and Function of Heart' #LearningByTeaching #KnowledgeParkian

KPIS Smart Little Teachers(Social Science Activity). Sep 11, 2020

Carrying forward virtual mode of learning, #KnowledgeParkians spend their time constructively in making presentations on the learnt topics. Check out one from Social Science #SavePlanet #KPIS #NurturingDreamsIntoReality

Our Little Parkians teaching English Grammar,8 Sep 2020

Little #KnowledgeParkians of Grade -1 took up the task of learning about 'Noun' in a play-way method with the guidance of teachers through virtual mode. Let's take a look of them.

KPIS #Teachers our heroes#, Sep 5, 2020

#KnowledgeParkians would like to say a big thank you to all the teachers. Check out virtual teacher's day organized by them in their own way.

Rhythm of devotion, Sep 3, 2020

We believe at #KPIS that, physical exercise increase strength and endurance, promote general health, and keep unnecessary weight off. Check out our #KnowledgeParkian's beautiful devotion to Almighty.


#KnowledgeParkians were encouraged to flaunt their talent in 'Inter school Udhbhav fest', a cultural and literary Fest 2020 Sponsored by DELHI PUBLIC SCHOOL, NADERGUL.

Little Story Tellers, Sep 2, 2020

Storytelling is a unique way for students to develop an understanding, respect and can promote a positive attitude. Check out the little #KnowledgeParkians here

Virtual Assembly by KnowledgeParkians, 27 Aug 2020

#KPIS is here with a virtual school assembly session, where teachers and students joined and embraced the essence of staying connected.

Kpis(Winner video presentation on life and legacy of prophet Ibrahim(A.S), Aug 17, 2020

On the Ocassion of Eid-Al-Adha, online speech competition was organized on the topic "The Life and Legacy of Prophet Abraham(A.S), and let's take a view of presentations of Winner of the competition. #KPIS #IgnitingYoungMinds

Kpis(Runner up video presentation on life and legacy of Prophet Ibrahim(A.S), Aug 17, 2020

#KPIS provides students with more opportunities to connect with their “inner selves”, facilitates growth in their academic and leadership skills, contributes to their intellectual self-confidence and psychological well-being, and enhances their satisfaction with life.

KPIS observes Hiroshima Day, Aug 6, 2020

'LITTLE BOY HAS DONE A BIG WORK' Check out #KnowledgeParkians speaking on thought provoking topic "Nuclear power - constructive or destructive?" #KPIS #IgnitingYoundMinds

KPIS wishes a hearty Eid-Al-Adha Mubarak, Aug 2, 2020

Festive season is really the most wonderful time spreading joy and collecting happy moments with loved ones where kids especially learn about kindness and its impactful meaning to human life.

KPIS observes World Nature Conservation Day, Jul 29, 2020

On this #WorldNatureConservationDay let us hear from one of our zestful team of teachers, #MrsMahvashTaban , few practices that students and we all can try at our home to contribute in conserving the beautiful and divine Nature around us.

Kargil Vijay Divas, Jul 26, 2020

Kpis celebrates Kargil Vijay Divas, #ZealForNation #ParkianPride #MartyrHonour

Grand send off to our CBSE 2019th Batch, Jul 24, 2020

Principal and teachers grand send off to our Parkian Class of 2019 (AISSE-CBSE).

Fariya Frazin KPIS TOPPER 2020 of CBSE 10th, Jul 20, 2020

Congratulations to Fariya Frazin the topper of Grade X for securing high marks in CBSE and making the school proud.

Chemistry Activity @Home, Jul 10, 2020

Reaction between Lemon Juice and Baking Soda and Balloon inflates due to formation of Co2 gas.