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Journey towards Success

Dr.Syed Irfan joined Knowledge Park International School in June 2019 as an Academic Head later appointed as a Principal in June 2020.

He holds a Doctorate degree in English Literature and Bachelor Degree in Education.Dr.Irfan started his career as a teacher in Crescent High School,Bodhan in the year 2004.

Now spanning 16+ years of his career life as a teacher,lecturer, Academic Head and Superviors in various organizations, he has been an integral part of growth and development of the student fraternity.

His repertoire includes being a lecturer in English language and literature and Supervisor of various committees for the past 10 years in Aljouf University KSA.

His proactive exposure to international curricula has empowered him with diverse and innovative approach as a Principal.
Dr.Irfan has excellent communication skills backed up with exceptional decision making ability..

School Leadership